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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. emeryville, thighs and sunny. 59 in oakland right now. 62 at sfo. and we are looking at temperatures warming quickly today. in fact, numbers will be anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees above normal. we are looking at temperatures in the city near 70 degrees with lower 80s in our inland east bay. and today begins the warming trend. it should peak tomorrow with temperatures well above normal , perhaps some records. in fact, widespread 80s over the next couple days including election day.
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but be warned. we are talking about just as dramatic a cool down for the end of the week. >> thank you. developing news this morning. going to your grocery store today could mean crossing a picket line if are you shopping at railly's. the stores throughout california and nevada went on strike at 6:00 this morning after talks broke down. abc7 news reporter kyra clapper joins us live from the railly's in fremont with details on the walkout. good morning. >> good morning, carolyn. this is the first walkout in the 77-year history of wailly's. it is over wages and retiree and health benefits facing cuts. they say it must reduce costs to become competitive. the union says it is a contract that erases decades of progress for grocery workers. at 6:00 a.m. three union members started their sunday in solidarity. forming a picket line in
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fremont because of what they say are unfair labor practices. >> we are starting to get a decent contract for the members. >> reporter: the dispute between railly and the workers union involves about 7,000 union members from grocery workers to meat cutters. 15 months of contract negotiations came to a head overnight and a midnight deadline came and went. >> hopefully this will send a message that you can take a little from people, but you can't take a lot. >> reporter: railly's and ufcw remain at odds over a proposed wage freeze and premium pay and health benefits. they say union employees must make the same sacrifice at new employees is. manny monro worked 34 years and faces elimination of health care when he retires. >> sort of got i can cked in the gut there. kicked in the gut.
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all of the years you work there and it is dangled in front of you, and then they just take it away. >> they are asking union members not to shop at raillies until a fair contract is agreed upon. one customer says she won't come back and cross the picket line again. >> they have to do what they have to do to get what they want. i understand that. that's the way they have to get listened to, that's what they have to do. >> striking employees are handing these out urging them to do gown the street. contract negotiations are suspended and none are scheduled for future dates. kyra clapper, abc7 news. >> thank you, kyra. on the east coast, power is starting to come back and the subways are mostly running again following super storm sandy. but this morning new york governor andrew cuomo says cold temperatures are going to leave tens of thousands of
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people whose homes were damaged needing to find other places to live. abc news reporter john chifron reports from lower manhattan. >> flying high above the area, they got a close look at the arthur kill waterway. it is where 350,000 gallons of fuel spilled over as a result of the super storm. >> so i think we are starting to win sphoors the response. as far as the response. >> and the welcome sight. a crane that dangled above the highest residential building is now safely tethered to the side of the building. >> if everything goes according to plan and we have a little more work to do, we hope to reopen west 57th street to traffic. >> it is a small sign that conditions in new york are looking up. coming out of the darkness and quiet -- excitement to have the light and sounds of
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normalcy. as more subways begin to run. >> i have been in the house day and night with the baby so i am excited to go back to work. >> and grocery stores reopen. >> i didn't think i would be this excited to get food. >> but as manhattan begins to recover, much of the region is still suffering. it is now adjusting to a new normal in the wake of sandy's aftermath, needing all of the help they can get to begin a long road to recovery. >> and the runners are expected to come here to the staten island ferry to gather those donations. something else of great concern in our area, the elections on tuesday. new jersey has just announced that anyone in their state affected by this storm will be able to vote by either e-mail or fax. abc news, new york. the statue of liberty will remain closed indefinitely because of sandy. water flooded liberty island and ellis island when the storm hit. there is some damage, but it doesn't appear to be too severe. the statue of liberty just
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reopened a week ago after a $30 million renovation. disney, our parent company, and abc are making tomorrow a day of giving to victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or by going on-line to red cross .org/abc. the presidential candidates are trying to assess the impact of super storm sandy on their campaign efforts. with just two days remaining until election day, president obama and mitt romney are concentrating on the battleground states. the latest abc news washington post tracking poll shows the race is tied at 48%. here is abc news reporter with a look at the final push.
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>> the countdown is on. president obama and mitt romney traveling from one swing state to another for a battle of votes and victory on tuesday. >> four more years! four more years! >> the last leg means large rallys and the president has some star power. katy perry warmed up the crowd in wisconsin. sounding raspy the president asked for more time to finish the work he started. >> we made real progress these past four years. but wisconsin, we are all gathered here today because we have more work to do. >> mitt romney made his final stop of the day in colorado. he says the progress so far isn't enough and it is time for change. >> the question of this election comes down to this, do you want more of the same or do you want real change? >> it was the last day of early voting in florida. voters there faced long lines, some waiting hours to get into polling centers. and in response to super storm
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sandy, chris christie ordered county clerks to open their offices this weekend to allow the storm victim to vote. they are also allowing registered voters to do so electronically. >> the candidates will focus on the key swing states. it will be that way until the election. abc news, washington. >> president obama's senior advisor calls mitt romney's late push to try to win pennsylvania a, quote, desperate ploy. romney's campaign disputes that. on abc this week, david fluff says huey is confidence president obama has the electoral votes to win on tuesday. polls show romney trailing slightly in pennsylvania where he stepped up campaign ads. his running mate congressman paul ryan campaigned there yesterday. they call the late charge by the republicans a smoke screen. >> to win romney would have to wynn two-thirds, and he won't do that.
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the truth is they are throwing ads up and governor romney is traveling in the states he is not going to win. >> the fact is, george, the unemployment rate is higher than the day president obama took office. millions of americans struggling to find work and the household income is down. that's what this campaign is about. them saying we need to keep doing this. we need more of the same essentially. we they'd four more years -- we need four more years like the last four years and governor romney promising change. >> so here is where the final battle its in the campaign will be fought with the repeat visits to key battleground states for independent and undecided voters who may ultimately decide the outcome of the race. you will want to stay with abc7 news. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. and we will have live updates all nightlong at facebook
9:11 am news. and twitter at abc7 news bay area. straight ahead, tragedy in atlanta. two police officers killed while trying to search for a missing child. >> it was very scary. >> a hit and run victim shares her story while the search is on for the driver. ñ@ñ ñ,ñzñeñít
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officers killed late last night in a helicopter crash. this while searching for a missing boy. witnesses say the low-flying police helicopter suddenly plunged to the ground and exploded into a fireball. it happened around 10:30 last night. a man who ran to the wreckage says no one could have survived. fortunately no one on the ground was injured. the thine-year-old boy -- the nine-year-old boy the officers were looking for was unharmed. the f.a.a. is now investigating the crash and police are not speculating on what caused it. power lines came down at the time creating a power outage for 1300 homes and businesses. the names of the two officers have not been released. police say their families have been notified. a strange discovery for some residents in san francisco. they heard a bump upstairs this their home. when they went to check it out, they found a dead man. it happened on friday night in the vernal heights
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neighborhood. the dead man, 53-year-old michael gullegos was a burglar and tried to get back out. he stepped on a broken sink or toilet and fell and died. a san mateo woman is recovering after being struck by a hit and run driver. that accident happened thursday night on el camino real in belmont. the collision left her motorized wheelchair heavily damaged. cornell bernard has the details. >> stephanie hall would like to forget everything about thursday night. >> it was very scary. >> stephanie is severely disabled and depends on her motorized wheelchair for everything. she was meeting friends at this belmont ihop when a car turned in front of her sideswiping her chair and her legs. the driver suddenly took off. >> still sore.
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>> the sudden collision left stephanie injured and in a state of shock, but she remembers two things. the driver was a woman in a dark-colored mercedes. that driver actually stopped, got out and asked stephanie a question. >> she got out and asked me if i was okay. i said i don't know. she said i'm coming right back. >> did she come back? >> no. >> stephanie was treated at the hospital for injuries to her toots, but her wheelchair is broken, out of service. >> it got damaged. >> the metal foot pads are bent. >> right now i'm not sure if they can fit it or not. >> and if it can be fixed, she is not sure if she has the money to pay for it. belmont police are looking for the driver of the car, but they tell abc7 news they have few leads and there were no
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witnesses. >> stephanie is using this wheelchair on loan, and she would like her old wheelchair back. she would like something from the driver who hit her. >> in san mateo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. well, this weather is what i would like to call rollercoaster weather. it starts off one way and then -- >> that's true. we have a lot to talk about. it is beautiful out with temperatures in the 60s downtown. we are talking mountain view, hayward, sfo and oakland all in the lower 60s. calm winds are going offshore, and yes, we have warm and then hot and then cool all in the next seven days. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. also next it was the third game of the season, but it had the intensity of a playoff game. the warriors leading from the opening tip in l.a., but could they hold off the clippers? we have the answer coming up in spo
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mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin even with the extra hour of sleep today you have been so busy checking and rechecking. >> that's right. we have a big week ahead with changeable weather right smack down the middle of the week on wednesday when things really turn around. right thousand let's enjoy what we have which is sunshine and a few clouds. this is a view where the sun was up at 6:39 and setting at 5:07.
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and today should be pretty nice around here. the temperatures will begin to get warm to hot tomorrow and we are still talking about some records. then the numbers will quickly drop and then more rain is in the forecast. so if we are talking about what season it is, we are all mixed up throughout the beginning of this week. right now we are talking about live doppler 7hd. it is nice and quiet, but say by thursday we could be picking up rain drops. 60 in fairfield. good morning fremont. it is 60 for you and concord. 61 san jose with 63 downtown. look at the coast. you were in the 40s a couple hours ago. 57 in santa cruz and going for a high of 80 today. and 24 hours ago we were much cooler. so starting out with 5 degrees of warming compared to yesterday at this time. in livermore, half moon bay, napa, we are on our way to temperatures today as much as 6 to 8 degree usa buff the average.
9:22 am
so sunny skies and warmer. possible records tomorrow and tuesday with much cooler weather headed our way on wensz. that's our dry day. but then a big trough of low pressure is bringing cold air and the chance of showers. on thursday it could linger into friday. here is a look at what you can expect for the next 24 to 48 hours. we have widespread 80s in the warmest inland locations. 82 santa rosa and redwood city. and then by tomorrow and tuesday the numbers continue to rise. so records could be possible from oakland and san francisco near 80 and with that sea breeze coming back on tuesday for election day, it is just dropping a degree or two in some locations from the peninsula and in the city. but san jose notice today you are warming up as much as 4 to 5 dries warmer than yesterday and it will be your warmest day of the workweek. today we are getting started as the high pressure builds into the eastern pacific. we have high pressure at the surface. the upper levels of the
9:23 am
atmosphere, and that is allowing for winds to be offshore today and tomorrow. but then look what happens wednesday. the big cool down with the temperatures coming down as much as 15 degrees. and that is due to a system in the gulf of alaska. it will provide the rain showers and the snow levels are down to 2 or 3,000 feet. our peaks could see a little dusting of the it is 77 in fremont. san jose, 82 in livermore and upper 70s for salinas, monterey. 71 and of course we don't want to forget our raiders where the temperatures will be in the mid to low 70s and maybe even 77 for a high there. and then temperatures will continue their above norl readings for -- their above normal readings. the cool downs and the showers and the big chill by the end of the workweek. >> that's exactly what i had written down. that's what i had on my notes, big chill. thanks, lisa. the raiders as you talked about hosts the tampa bay buccaneers at 1:05 at the coliseum.
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last night it was the warriors playing in l.a. the clippers without two key players for the first time this season. here is colin rush who has your highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. fear became reality yesterday. brandon rush out for the season with a torn acl suffered in the home opener on friday night. under manned, but not overwhelmed. the warriors son't want to play him in back to backs. no rush. he has everyone else picking up the slack. nice down the lane and he is there with the put back. warriors jumped out to the 18-6 lead. he played a team high 43 minutes. blake griffin, dribbling optional. spinning got away with the walk there. lafdry huge off the bench. and you can count that two and one acrobatic finish of the the clippers with the late rally. chris paul downtown. got it and make it a 1-poin
9:25 am
gain. and then jamal crawford tees up with three in the corner. looking healthy and he looks confident. warriors lead again. 112-110 and 10 seconds left. and chris paul for the win or the tie, no. he steps in and takes the charge. the warriors never trailed. it is a 114-110 win handing the clippers their first loss. a huge win for stanford. that was expected. what we didn't expect was the roll of quarterback kevin hogan. he was the starter from here on out. it never gets old. it was mounted on the bill of the handler. they could have left folsom field because it was not fun for the buffaloes. plenty of time and threw the pick 6 to reynolds. his second in as many weeks. stanford quarterback josh nunez and air mails this one
9:26 am
and nearly picked off. three for five and 23 yards. second quarter and handoff and taylor finds the hole and it is a big one. 26 yards and taylor's seventh rushing touchdown. 14-0 cardinals. 111 yards in the first half alone and 32 yards. what a grab in traffic. a few plays later and hogan and the bootleg. stanford lead 35-0 at the half. 19 yards and 18 of 23, 184 yards and stanford improves to 7 and 2 and crush colorado 48-0. the cardinal hosts oregon state next saturday. san jose state on the road taking on idaho and moscow. the second quarter and spartans are driving and throwing it up and that's a thing of beauty.
9:27 am
between two defenders and spartans on top 14-7. san jose state out scores idaho 28-6 in the second half. first of 328 and four scores and that one to chandler jones. spartans improve to 7 and 2. they pound the vandals 42-13. with your look at morning sports, have a great day, everyone. coming up, the latest on super storm sandy. how northern california residents are lending a hand to those in need on the east coast. and the woman whose life has been taken over by a public guardian. why the police were called when the abc7 news i team began asking why.
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9:30 am
richmond last night. the fire dwan around cash dash began around 8:00 behind a business complex at mcdonald avenue. the flames spread quickly forcing the evacuation of an aa meeting taking place. crews say the building was completely engulfed when they first arrived. they called in extra help. it took about an hour and a half to bring things under control. that injured firefighter hurt his back. and look at this video showing an apartment fire in san rafael yesterday. the flames are shooting through the roof and out the window of an upper floor apartment. you can see a barge crew that had been dredging nearby san rafael creek go to work. first they tried shoveling mud and water, but they couldn't quite reach it. then the operator pulled the barge closer so another worker could spray water on the flames until firecrews arrived. no one was injured. santa clawr raw county's public guardian's office is
9:31 am
facing criticism this morning. some families are telling us the county is isolating their elderly loved ones, unnecessarily taking control of their entire lives right down to who can visit. here is dan noyes with part woo of his i team -- part two of his i team investigation. >> what else can they take? >> that is the voice of gisella reardon. >> i can't do anything. >> i know. >> it is like a prison. >> she suffers from dementia and her son marcus made the recording during one of three visits he has been allowed with his mother in more than two years. >> they hijacked my mother. >> the santa clara county public guardian's office conserved gisella and took over her personal and medical decisions after she visited hospitals 19 times in a year. the court determined her
9:32 am
family including her son could not care for her. >> there were family members involved with the person, but they were not caring for that person by the appearance. >> leigh poland is the director of social services and would not speak about the case, but says the public guardian does not conserve a person without a cause. >> was there money that was available to provide the elderly person care that she needed, and it wasn't being provided? >> marcus was living with his mother at the time the county took over. he says he loves her and was doing the best he can. >> my mom wants to come home. we have a home. she has food, clothing, shelter. i can take care of her. i was taking care of her. >> but the public guardian kicked out marcus and sold the house to pay for his mother's care. he ended up living in his car for a time and was moved to an assisted living facility. >> this is devastating. my mother and i are very close. we have always been very close. marcus is clearly frustrated with the situation. and a court investigator wrote
9:33 am
he becomes hostile toward facility staff and yells and becomes disrupted and over -- overwhelms with demands. so they got a court order. they must be supervised. he recorded their last meeting to protect himself from what he calls the public guardian's lies. >> they have done this to me, taken everything. i am not a criminal. i haven't done anything. >> you have managed to make your mother upset. >> i didn't make my mother upset. she is upset. >> i am going to ask you to turn off your tape. >> she clutched my arm and sobbed on to my shoulder for an hour talking about how lonely she is. >> linda kincaid is an advocate with the national association to stop guardian abuse. she says not only is the public guardian restricting marcus reardon's visits with his mom, but all of her potential visitors. kincaid was able to see her twice before getting kicked out of the facility.
9:34 am
she says 18 members of her group have tried to call and set up visits with gisella and all denied. >> if the laws are followed and her rights were observed and honored, this would not be happening. >> kincaid points to the notice of conserve tee's rights, a document in every conserved person's court file. unless a court limits or takes away a right from visits from family and friends they retain the right to have these visitors. and california code title 22 states a resident has a right to have his or her visitors including am buds persons and others visiting with respect hours and not without prior notice. >> if you took your grand mother and locked her in the spare bedroom, you can go to jail. but if the public guardian does it to your grandmother it is called conserve for ship. >> i wanted to see if they were following the rules. i walked into villa fontana and asked to see gisella and another woman and they called the county.
9:35 am
>> residents can serve by the county and we have to follow the rules. they have a court order that puts them in charge of the residents. >> the public guardian's office told me by phone i couldn't see gi se lla or the other woman until they per -- performed a background and instructed them to call the police. >> why call the police on me? what danger did i pose to anyone at the nursing home? >> i think you and the public should feel good about that. that means that the public guardian acting as the conservator of individuals in any residential facility is thinking first of protecting that person's interest. >> oh come on. what about me was a danger to anyone? >> i introduced myself to the officer who responded. he didn't really understand why he was there. he gave me an incident card and left. >> we absolutely want people to see other individuals, to have socialization and to be around family and friends. but it needs to be done in a way that is not alarming to them and that we know about.
9:36 am
>> marcus reardon said i got just a taste of the trouble he received from the county. according to the court investigator, gisella, despite her dementia is capable of choosing a president. marcus said she should be able to pick her visitors and choose where she lives. >> if i am still alive, would they let me come home for christmas like just christmas day? >> marcus tells me his mother finally got a phone in her room so they are talking more often. he has made a couple of mistakes trying to regain the control of his mother's care. he failed to show up twice for court appearances. he thought it was stressful and the deck was stacked against him. it will be two days for my background check. it has been two weeks and i am still waiting. dan noyes, abc7 news. up next, following the money you may be surprised to
9:37 am
find out what happens after a leak or fire at a refinery. and a local mayor is saying show me the money. and show me the look from our roof camera. this is a live look. it is going to be unseasonably warm weather for the first part of the week. and then get ready for the big chill. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few
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it's on. let's roll. [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. the time right now is 9:39. this is a live look at the hp pavilion in san jose, also known as the shark tank. you know, the lockout continues, but there was a secret bargaining session that took place yesterday between the league and the players'
9:40 am
union. the first talks in more than two weeks, and both sides say they plan to get together early this week. so there might be some progress that can salvage the season. a west contra costa county mayor is questioning where all of the money collected from bay area air quality fines is going. his complaint comes nearly three months after the massive fire at the chevron refinery at richmond which blanketed much of the east bay in thick, black smoke. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has our story. >> i am alarmed. i am a citizen in this area. >> dan romero is the mayor of hercules, one of the cities not far from this, a huge fire at the chevron refinery in august. the bay area air quality management district has since indicated it plans to fine chevron. an amount that could reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> what alarmed me is that the fine system that the air
9:41 am
quality district brings up goes into their general fund. the perception from the community is that those fines collected are going back to the community. >> under state law any penalties in the district levies go to the general fund. however, recently the board of directors has provided direction to have the money be spent in the community. >> but there are no guarantees , and the practice has been uneven. in 2009, the district collected $515,000 from fines from the developer for failing to monster the -- monitor the dust at the naval ship yard. all of that money went into air quality programs in the community. but in 2008 when the collected $2.2 million from shell at its martinez refinery, only about 10% went to an air quality project at one local elementary school. >> the district has had total
9:42 am
refines for the fire, but mayor romero thinks half of the money should go to the local community. >> it may not be 50%, but the air board says they are working on it. >> we have had it in writing. we did rescind it a couple years ago due to the economic times and the shrinking revenues the district has. but the board will reconsider that as a formal policy again. >> they are lobbying the state legislature to increase the amount they can fine a company after a major incident. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> officials will be spraying insecticide tomorrow at the naval weapons station. it is to try to control the west nile virus. the area treated was boarded by stevens road and port chicago highway and kenny boulevard. it begins just before 6:00 in the morning. it should take about 40 minutes weather permitting. well, all eyes are on the weather this week because every day something a little
9:43 am
different. >> that's right. already nice and mild out there. you can look in the distance and see mount diablo where way have the offshore flow -- where we have the offshore flow. heat tomorrow and perhaps record numbers. and then we are talking about a big cool down. temperatures are going well below normal. your forecast and the details next. jay thank you -- >> thank you, lisa. silicon valley launches the annual food drive. we'll show you how this year's goals are [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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recovery efforts for super storm sandy. power is being restored to most areas, but some stwo .2 million million -- 2.2 million homes and businesses are still in the dark. and cold and overnight temperatures dipped into the 30s. new york governor andrew cuomo says continuing cold weather will make tens of thousands of homes uninhabitable. and flying high above the tri-state area abc news got an exclusive look at the clean up efforts along the canal separating new jersey from staten island. and there, that crane that dangled precariously when sandy tiers hit is now safely tethered to the side of the city's tallest residential highrise. the bay area always helps out and doing it once again with the storm that ravaged the east coast by sending money,
9:47 am
volunteers and blood. abc7 news reporter thomas roman has the details. >> the oakland red cross blood donation center is still stile open a week after sandy devastated the east coast. people like karen from oakland are still motivated to donate after seeing the devastation sandy left behind. >> you can't be not motivated if you see anything on tv or hear reports about what happened in new york, new jersey, all up and down the coast. >> steven burrows decided while donating money helps the red cross function, being a universal blood donor is just as important. >> wanted to help our friends on the east coast. instead of writing a check i have good blood, o negative blood and i decided to donate instead. >> donations are 25% higher than they usually are this time of year. when sandy hit the east coast it caused the closure of blood collection centers in the affected states due to power outages and flooding. they went there for not just
9:48 am
blood, but blood platelet. that's what the bay area and the national red cross sent to the affected areas. >> platelet were more of a concern because they only have a shelf life of five days. if you are not collecting platelet on the east coast for three, four, five days, you can see their inventory is going to run out. they had to shift some of the inventory. >> this red cross vehicle is being shifted back east. it will take them five days to get to the east coast where they plan on driving around and doing what they can to provide comfort, food and clothing to those who need it. >> we look for people that need our help. we notify others to make sure they get the help as well as provide a hot meal and stuff like that out there. >> as far as blood donations go, there has been a surge of donors that some people have
9:49 am
had to wait a half an hour or longer in order to donate blood. they are asking people to make appointments that will make things go smoother. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc news. >> and today the red cross chapters are helping victims of sandy. a truck with two crew members left fairfield carrying enough supplies to provide 3,000 meals a day. this afternoon two more trucks will leave from oakland and burlingame. they will join the crew of 40 bay area volunteers deployed last week. disney and abc are making tomorrow a day of giving to help victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-help now or by going on-line to red cross .org/abc.
9:50 am
and we are talking about the temperatures there being so cold. >> that's right. even colder. they will get some snow and a little storm coming their way in the middle of the week. and for us, our weather changes in the next couple days. i hope you are enjoying it right now. the warm up on track with record record -- with record warmth perhaps in a few cities. we are talking about a gorgeous start to the day. a live shot hd emeryville. you can see all of the sunshine and widespread 60s to start out. so we are enjoying the benefits of a strong ridge of high pressure building into the bay area and sticking around for a couple days. live doppler 7hd says that we are clear and we will be picking up some cloud cover not until tuesday when we see the return to an on shore flow. so weak offshore flow getting underway and that will allow for temperatures to really warm up today. already in the low 60s to mid60s from san jose,
9:51 am
livermore and santee jobing. and antioch. mid50s in redwood city. by the money tau raw bay, you are already in the mid60s in monterey. we are talking 80 degrees for santa cruz today. this morning temperatures are about 5 dries warmer than you were yesterday at this time. of course you probably noticed that in livermore and antioch. you had the fog this parts of the bay yesterday. that's a thing of the past. we will have the clear skies, that well-mixed atmosphere allowing for a rapid warm up, dryer air for the next several days. and that will bring temperatures into the 80s for tomorrow and tuesday. 70s at our coast, and then the big cool down comes on wednesday. the sea breeze comes back in the afternoon on election day for the coast and the peninsula, and then we will look for the cool weather to over spread the entire bay area on thursday. so here it is, big ridge of high pressure, and this is allowing for the clockwise flow, the strong down sloping
9:52 am
winds, and that heats up our friends in the north bay. it is a statewide event. they have the santa ana winds to look out for with a fire danger and a red flag warning for the mountains of los angeles, ventura county. so from los angeles through san diego they are talking 80s there. we have our 80s to the south of us today. into the 70s tomorrow locally at our beaches. and take a look atta hoe. they will be climbing into the 70s, but you know by the end of the week it will be back into the 30s. so a 40-degree temperature jump in the sierra nevada. now for us locally you notice we stay dry. wednesday the front is still up to the north. but by thursday it looks like 10:00 you could see some rain downtown san francisco and that continues to sweep all throughout the bay area and linger into friday. so we'll recover, but it is going to take a few days. 80 in concord today with 74 in the city. average highs in the mid60s for san francisco. oakland today 77. go raiders.
9:53 am
the temperatures there in the upper 70s. 83 in gilroy. here is how it looks on election day starting out mild, sunrise 6:41. we will see more 80s and the sea brees in the afternoon -- sea breeze in the afternoon at our coast. the warmth is gone by wednesday. looking for a chance of showers on thursday, friday. a weak system in terms of the pre sip. maybe a 10th to a quarter of an inch, but we are going to feel it. >> is it bizarre to have this kind of fluctuation, or does it just seem like that to those of us who are uneducated on the weather? >> it is strange, but autumn and spring gives us those big dramatic swings. so not unheard of. >> thank you, lisa. with unemployment still high, feeding the hungry is an on going challenge here in the bay area. it is a problem that grows even more acute during the holidays. abc7 news reporter david louie checks in with harvest food bank. >> social service agencies say long-term unemployment remains
9:54 am
a problem in silicon valley, and that's why you continue to see demand for food programs. second harvest food bank has set a goal to raise $12.4 million and to collect two million pounds of food over the next three months. it helps to feed a quarter million people every month in santa clara and san mateo counties. these are executives from sisco who are pitching in for the 10th year in a row to box up fresh produce and nonperishable food items. 300 agencies that in turn distribute the food at 740 locations across the two counties. sisco ceo john chambers says the company has been contributing to second harvest for 21 years. the competitiveness for the senior save is apparent in a mission like this. the need is great. >> even though it is a lot better than it was a year ago, it is still 10% of our population that needs help. on a global basis you know the math as i do. probably 3 billion people are underfed. as a valley we should change our valley first and change our country second and i think
9:55 am
we can. >> other silicon valley companies along with the san francisco 49ers helped to kick off the campaign. >> though the problem is large we believe it is solvable and working together we can ensure that anyone who needs a meal can actually get one. >> these donation barrels will be set up at offices and businesses. the faces are real. bella and chris from san jose receive food assistance from second harvest when their parents lost their jobs. >> large big name corporations often make a substantial contribution to these types of efforts and so do small groups, community groups and schools and making sure people do not go hungry. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> up next, a real treat for stargazers. we will tell you when you can see two prominent meteor showers light up the
9:56 am
9:57 am
two prominent meteor
9:58 am
showers will light up the sky starting tomorrow. for the next two weeks, weather permitting you could see flashes of light and shooting stars. first comes the tor ri d meteors also called halloween fireballs because it occurs this time. and then the leanid. the best viewing is after midnight in areas free from city lights. astronomers say the meteor showers will be active all month. let's get a final check of the accu-weather forecast from our meteor roll gist -- meteorologist, lisa argen. >> santa rosa 82 today and 87 tomorrow, 86 on tuesday. livermore will stay in the 80s. oakland upper 70s to 80 on monday. and then the sea breeze kicks in. san francisco, oakland and our beaches will cool on election day. everybody cools on wednesday. showers move in thursday
9:59 am
morning, cold showers. barely making 60 around the bay on friday. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues at 5:00 tonight. we would like to remind you about our alarm clock app for the iphone. wake up to the latest headlines, weather and traffic. have a g


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